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10 July 2020

Thank You - 1,000+ Visitors Since Reopening!


First and foremost, this is a thank you - a heartfelt one to all of those who have come to visit us since we reopened. Also, to those of you who have continued to spread kind messages and positive feedback by word of mouth or online - we are truly grateful. 

As a charity, your ongoing contributions through ticket admissions (including GiftAid), souvenirs and snacks are supporting us to conserve Burton Constable Hall & Grounds for future generations. Without you, we simply could not survive! 

Glad To Be Back

Considering the uncertainties in our current climate, like all businesses, we were apprehensive about reopening but we’re glad we did. 

We felt a level of responsibility to reopen earlier due to the vast amount of outdoor space we have. We recognised how our walks, nature trails and gardens could offer much needed escapism for those who had been confined indoors for too long, especially for locals across Hull and East Yorkshire. 

Since then, along with reopening our Hall last weekend, over 1,000 of you have come to see us. It’s been wonderful to see people of all ages back enjoying our facilities. Be it a pleasant picnic on the lawn, an adventure through the woodlands, relaxing with a coffee at Stables Kitchen or enjoying the new art exhibition in the Carriage House, it has given all of the Burton Constable Foundation staff a real lift to see people enjoying the fruits of their labour. 

Fabulous Feedback

Both in-house and online, the overall feedback regarding our Covid-19 policies and procedures has been great. Many people have commented on how safe and relaxed they felt during their visit across all elements of the site, including the staff from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council after their spot-check!

Our visitors have also been very kind to comment on the excellent customer service, the quality of Stables Kitchen’s offering, as well as the overall enjoyment of being back out and about around our premises. 

Friends of Burton Constable 

Positive feedback has correlated with a 35% increase in our Friends Annual Memberships, as people begin to recognise that there is quite a lot to enjoy and revisit Burton Constable Hall & Grounds for!

This is a further complement to our team here who have been busy adapting our outdoor walks & trails, making them some of the best walks Hull and East Yorkshire has to offer. Additionally,  new areas of our Hall have been renovated and opened to the public for the very first time, including a very original Edwardian bathroom. 

Again, thank you to those who have committed to our membership scheme. We do believe it is real value for money, giving you unlimited access all year round, exclusive invitations and discounts on events, 10% off Gift Shop purchases and, most importantly, contributing further to the conservation of Burton Constable Hall & Grounds. 

Should you choose to visit us, please read our Welcome Back news article in full before doing so. 

Thanks, again - we hope to see you soon.

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Did you know?
Afternoon tea was created by the Duchess of Bedford in the late 18th century. She invited friends to join her for an afternoon meal of small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and, of course, tea. The practice was so popular that it was quickly adopted by other social hostesses 

The Burton Constable Whale is featured in Herman Melville's famous novel Moby Dick. 

Today the Burton Constable Whale is nicknamed 'Constable Moby'

Over 80 different species of birds have been spotted at Burton Constable, from the smallest British bird, the Goldcrest, to large birds of prey such as Buzzards and Barn Owls