Sunsets and Seasons

Tue 19th March 2024 to Sun 12th May 2024

Dave Nassau has been part of Burton Constable's daily life for over 30 years, painstakingly reinvigorating the beautiful landscaped parklands that Lancelot 'Capability' Brown created almost 300 years ago.

One of the charitable foundation's live-in staff, Dave has privileged access to Burton Constable long after the gates have closed and other staff and visitors have gone home. In this exhibition, the first of it's kind, Dave gives our visitors a glimpse of the special moments that help bind him to the landscape that is both his home and his work - whose improvement he can proudly claim much credit for.

So join us this Easter to share in this view of Burton Constable at sunrise, sunset and all times between, tracing the changing of the seasons through the eyes of the man who knows our landscape best.

Contact Information:

To see more of Dave's life behind the scenes at Burton Constable with his assistant Ben the black labrador, find Burton Constable Ben on Twitter at!