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10 December 2021

New Guidance for Autumn & Winter

The latest Government announcements and guidance highlight the pathways through the  autumn and winter months, outlining key protections that will be put in place for the next 6 weeks. 

Whilst we revert back to similar systems, it’s important not to become complacent and we must remain cautious. From 10th December 2021 face masks or coverings will be mandatory in our indoor spaces, (unless you are exempt). 

This is only one measure being taken to allow our our staff, visitors and guests to feel safe whilst enjoying new found freedoms. We are also retaining the following procedures, and ask all our visitors to acknowledge, respect and adhere to these guidelines.

Ongoing Assessment

Assessing risks is something we do regularly, even outside of such circumstances. Similar to the last 18 months, we will continue to monitor and assess our spaces and facilities to ensure they adhere to the latest regulations and remain accessible for all. Adjustments may be underway and ongoing, so please be patient with any changes that may occur at short notice.


We’ve all been well educated on the symptoms and they can be obvious to spot. Persistent coughing; a high temperature; losses or changes to sense of taste or smell, are all indicators of Covid-19. If you recognise any of these within yourself, even if these symptoms are mild, you should leave the immediate premises and self-isolate. If you witness anyone else displaying any of these symptoms, please make a member of staff aware. Not all Covid cases result in symptoms; if you have been in contact with someone who has been unwell we recommend taking lateral flow tests even if you yourself are asymptomatic. We ask this of our staff and volunteers too, to help keep you safe.


Weather permitting, we will strive to keep air-flow a priority in all of our indoor spaces. This may mean a slight breeze or draft causing a mild chill, so we’d advise bringing a jacket or cardigan for comfort. Please, refrain from closing any doors, windows or touching handles.

Carry on Cleaning

Although we have already increased cleaning in prominent areas, we will continue to do so, especially surfaces that are likely to be touched a lot. Again, please be patient if staff are cleaning particular areas before you can progress. We will also continue to encourage our visitors to keep clean by washing or sanitising hands on arrival and departure, as well as before eating and drinking.

Test & Trace

Although this is no longer a legal obligation, to help support the NHS and the spread of the virus we will be leaving the NHS QR code posters up. We will also continue to offer our system for logging contact details, non digitally, if people choose to.


We have taken the decision to make face coverings compulsory for both staff and visitors  in our indoor spaces, to continue to protect us all. Other forms of PPE in terms of sanitisor stations and protective screens will remain in place, for the time being.

Social Distancing

For now, we removed timed entry to the Hall but will closely monitor group sizes and popular periods. Elsewhere, social distance should be easy enough to achieve in our large spaces, (1m or 2m where possible) should be maintained between people who do not live together or share a bubble. We ask that you apply your own risk assessment, if any areas become congested.

Booking in Advance

If you are wishing to visit the Hall, we ask that you still book in advance, to help us better manage busy periods. For Grounds only, we will leave the option to book online but we will accept drop-ins. With regards to events, we ask that continue to book tickets online.

Thank You

We’re extremely grateful that we’ve been able to open up our premises on a regular basis throughout this pandemic; allowing people access to all we have to offer. Moreover, our visitors have been exemplary in their behaviour and abiding by our guidelines. As a charity, each and every contribution really makes a difference, so thank you for your ongoing support.

Once again, we would just like to reiterate that our priorities are for everyone associated with Burton Constable Hall & Grounds to feel comfortable and safe during their time here. Each experience may differ, but we ask that you respect the measures we have put in place, as well as other people’s actions and choices.

Finally, if you have any feedback during or after your visit, please speak directly to a member of staff or use the online visitor feedback tab on our website. Alternatively, you can email