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Fri 22 May 2020
Mental Health Awareness - A Wide Open Space
Joel Peart // Marketing & Events manager
The topic of mental health is vast, much like our surroundings here. Our aim is to adjoin the two together for the better.
Hull, East Yorkshire open space walks attraction

Given the current climate, the impacts it has had and the uncertainties for the future, understandably, everyone’s emotions will have been heightened. Experiencing forms of feeling lost, anxious or depressed is understandable. 

That being said, mental health was a significant issue before any of this. The topic of mental health is vast for a wide range of individual and personal reasons, yet the message remains the same: continue to talk and continue to be kind.


Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, despite our premises currently being closed, we wanted to somehow share with you our outdoor spaces.We’re aware that even if it is digital, outdoor scenery can have a positive impact. If you already follow our social media accounts, you will have seen snippets of what we have to offer. 

It’s well documented that green spaces and nature can influence your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Feeling stronger emotionally can result in greater self-confidence which can contribute to improved physical well-being because you’re more likely to be active, sociable and making new connections as a result.



Burton Constable - A Wide Open Space

Here at Burton Constable Hall, we are surrounded by over 330 acres of stunning scenery -  stunning scenery that was purposely designed to be that way. Therefore, it’d be a shame for us to keep it to ourselves. 

Ahead of opening our grounds again, we wanted to showcase and highlight how our facilities may be beneficial to anybody experiencing mental health issues. Additionally, those who have an interest in history or are looking to make some lifestyle changes would also benefit. 

Capability Brown at Burton Constable
Capability Brown at Burton Constable

For those unfamiliar with Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, envision him as the elite landscaper of his generation. Throughout the late 18th century, Brown was hired by the upper echelons of society to transform spaces from the ordinary into the spectacular. 

A decade of visits between 1772-1782 saw the implementation and development of lakes, bridges, strategically placed tree clumps and sunken fences so that visitors could marvel in the splendour of the house, stable block and views no matter where they were on the premises.
Walks outdoors, Parkland, Burton Constable, Hull, East Yorkshire
Parkland at Burton Constable

A natural transition from an exquisitely designed landscape is to encourage nature and wildlife to thrive. Today, Burton Constable’s parkland is safeguarded by a charity to protect it for generations to come. Thousands of trees have been planted, areas have been restored and additions such as Brown’s bridge have been introduced. 

On top of that, the pasture neglects the use of fertilisers to encourage diversity of plant and animal life. Rare breeds of cattle and sheep now grace the landscape to help complete Brown’s vision. 


We like to think we boast one of the best outdoor attractions to visit in Hull and East Yorkshire. Moreover, by visiting and exploring our parkland, your senses will be opened up to the natural beauty and tranquil scenery. By being outdoors absorbing and engaging with nature, it’s suggested that your blood pressure will decline along with muscle tension, helping you to feel more relaxed!

Best walks in Hull East Yorkshire,
Trails & Walks at Burton Constable

To make the most of our grounds, we have alternate trails for you to adventure upon. Not only does this encourage being in our wide open space but to exercise too. 

  • Wildlife Sculpture Trail 

At just under 3 km in total distance, this trail is a family favourite. On route, you have to find all of the animal sculptures and tick them off, along with trying to spot other fascinating nature and incredible wildlife.The great thing about this particular trail is the ever-changing seasons which make it a new adventure each and every time. 


  • Waymarker Trail

Explore the historic parkland of Burton Constable by tracking down each waymarker at different parkland features including the Ha-ha and Orangery. Take a rubbing from each one to spell out a word - a nice activity for the family to complete!

  • Woodland Walk

Taking around 40 minutes to complete, this walk takes you through the shaded pathway and is serenaded either side by towering trees. Continue towards the woodland and be welcomed by the South Lake on the other side. This is a perfect stroll to stretch the legs and take in the scenery beyond the House and Stable Block. 

  • Lakeside Walk

Cut across the cow field and take the most direct route to the lakes. Head whichever way you wish but be sure to cross over the breath-taking Capability Brown Bridge. A full lap around the perimeter, through the woodland, past the Menagerie and back the way you came should take around an hour in total. 

  • Winter Parkland Walk

We recommended you explore the  Winter Parkland Walk during the winter to avoid confrontation with cattle! Meander beyond the North Pond and it’s bee hives, make your way through site of the deserted medieval village of Burton Constable and circle back up the main entrance drive towards the House. 


  • East Park Walk

If it's wide open space you require, take a stroll down through our East park towards the tree clusters along the main road and loop back around the natural wildlife pond and via the alpacas before heading back towards our Stables. 

  • 5K  

Challenge yourself to complete a whole 5K and take in all of the best bits from the walks and trails above! Whether you walk or run, in the sunshine or in the rain, Burton Constable is a great place to visit for exercise and natural beauty.


If you are going to join us for an adventure, be sure you stop along the way and absorb the picturesque scenery and stop off for refreshments in our fantastic Stables Kitchen. What’s more is that we’re a dog friendly site (including Doggy Dining), so you can bring your four legged friends along for the journey (as long as they remain on their lead and you are responsible for any dog waste).

Community at Burton Constable

With thousands of visitors and more and more signing up to the Friends Annual Pass each year, familiar faces give Burton Constable a real family feel. Moreover, a thriving volunteering programme provides an opportunity to work here whilst giving back (a true feel good factor - just ask any of our amazing volunteers!). Making new connections and taking on new experiences is a great way of improving your state of mind. 

Looking Towards the Future

As previously mentioned, these are unusual times for us all. Mental Health issues can make you feel as though you are lost in a wide open space with little direction. Hopefully, after reading the above, you will not be afraid of wide open spaces like ours and instead will embrace the opportunity to come and visit us, making the most of what we have been gifted. 

We’re not entirely sure when we will be open to the public again or in what capacity. What we do know is that we are future planning and taking note and making the most of the advice available to us from our government and wonderful industry experts.

Over time, we hope that Burton Constable Hall & Grounds becomes the number one destination and best places to visit in Hull and East Yorkshire for outdoor activities and attractions - especially in terms of a place where you can feel safe and look to improve your well-being. 

Until then, stay safe, continue to talk and continue to be kind.