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Learning Programmes at Burton Constable

Join the Stables Staff

All country houses needed horsepower! Join us for an interactive tour of Burton Constable's grand stables and learn about the staff who kept them running like clockwork. Get hands on with costume and artefacts to investigate staff roles and understand their place within the hierarchy of the country house in Victorian times.

Day in the Life of a Country House

Join Mrs Styche, Burton Constable's no nonsense Housekeeper as she gives prospective new house staff a tour of their new place of work. Learn about the lives of the wealthy and their servants in Victorian times. Handle real and replica artefacts and try your hand at Victorian servants' jobs.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Step into William Constable's shoes, find out about the cabinet of curiosities he gathered during his travels, and his fascination with all things scientific. Learn about the concept of classification and get hands on with collections to develop your own systems of categorising specimens.

Explore Electrostatics

Following in William Constable's footsteps, children will undertake their own investigations into generating a static electrical charge using a range of materials. They will explore the concept of conducting a fair test and record the results of their experiments. The sessions also includes an interactive electrostatic demonstration that promises to be truly hair raising!


Join our groundsman to explore Burton Constable's beautiful parkland and the conservation we undertake. Investigate wildlife and habitats and how farming helps us to preserve the historic landscape. Find out about the farm animals we care for and the farm machinery we use. Learn about the animals and insects that live in our fields, trees and woodlands.


Children take on the role of journalist to collect source material and information for a piece of non-fiction writing. This session can run as a standalone session or link with any of the morning sessions for a full day visit. Children will learn about the key components for writing a news article before completing evidence gathering tasks. Bring your camera, phones, ipads or voice recorders to enhance the session. Draft your story in the session and complete back at school.

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Did you know?
Over 80 different species of birds have been spotted at Burton Constable, from the smallest British bird, the Goldcrest, to large birds of prey such as Buzzards and Barn Owls
Afternoon tea was created by the Duchess of Bedford in the late 18th century. She invited friends to join her for an afternoon meal of small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and, of course, tea. The practice was so popular that it was quickly adopted by other social hostesses 

The Burton Constable Whale is featured in Herman Melville's famous novel Moby Dick. 

Today the Burton Constable Whale is nicknamed 'Constable Moby'