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Group Visits to Burton Constable

Enjoy a fabulous visit to East Yorkshire's best historic day out!

Burton Constable Hall, just 10 miles from Beverley and Hull, is one of Yorkshire’s most spectacular historic country houses, and one of its best kept secrets: a real treat for group visitors! With over 30 rooms crammed with fine arts, furniture and many surprises with over 500 years of family history; plus over 300 acres of historic grounds to explore, Burton Constable is a great place for groups at any time.

New for 2021: 'Drink, Dance and Decadence' 

Discover the heyday of Burton Constable's glittering social scene as the Elizabethan hall looks at the last great gasp of extravagance under Sir Thomas Aston Clifford Constable, his first wife the lovely Lady Marianne and her scandalous successor the headstrong Rosina.  

Cobwebs and Cream Teas 'Behind the Scenes' Tours

(currently not available)

The chance to peek behind the scenes and explore hidden nooks and crannies, is irresistible, and Burton Constable’s ‘Cobwebs and Cream Teas’ special guided tours offer just that chance … with knobs on!

On a ‘Cobwebs and Cream Teas’ tour, guests explore this wonderful Elizabethan house literally from top to toe,  seeing the rooftops and garrets, as well as delving into the depths of the cellars: en route taking in servants’ quarters, grand state rooms, archives and stores.   Exclusive groups of up to 16 people have their own dedicated guide, to be able to get ‘up close and personal’ with this extraordinary house and its maze of rooms and staircases; fascinating collections and curiosities; and tales of residents above and below stairs, across the centuries.  Not surprisingly, there are even some ghostly tales to hear…

And a sumptuous Afternoon Tea is included in the tour price, to be taken after the tour.

Cobwebs and Cream Teas tours cost £tbc per head.  Groups of max 16 persons on each tour.  Larger groups are welcome, with two tours running concurrently. 

Group Options and Charges

House, Stables and Grounds Standard Group Visit

A self guided free flow entry into the Hall, our friendly House Guides will be on hand toa nswer any questions and help you get the most from your visit.  £9.00 per person for groups of 10+

Potted History Tour

A whistle-stop tour of a few ground floor rooms to give you an insight into the history and development of Burton Constable Hall and it’s residents, followed by self guided free flow entry into the hall.  £15.75 per person for groups of 10+, maximum of 32

Cobwebs and Cream Teas

Currently not available

Life Below Stairs

Join us to discover our hidden Servant’s Quarters, the beating heart of this great Yorkshire country house.  Explore the rooms not normally open to the public and discover a little more about the people who lived and worked here followed by self guided free flow entry into the hall.  **This tour includes a number of steep narrow stairs. £15.75/person for groups of 10+, maximum of 32

'Drink, Dance and Decadence' tour with the Curator

With grand house parties for musical soirees and days at the races, family theatricals and grand tours abroad, this exhibition will give a tantalising glimpse of how the Victorian aristocracy filled their days of idleness, forging local and international friendships, changing not only the social scenes but the economies of the areas they called home.

Join us as we reveal how the Constable family kept abreast of change as Victorian advances revolutionised technology and transport, bringing modern technology to Burton Constable and travelling across Britain and Europe to bring home tastes of the exotic to this fantastic hall.

£21.00 per person for groups of 10+, tour starts at 11am prompt and lasts for 1 hour followed by self guided free flow entry to the hall during the afternoon.

Advance Booking is essential for all groups.

The download below contains further information and a booking form below:


Did you know?
Over 80 different species of birds have been spotted at Burton Constable, from the smallest British bird, the Goldcrest, to large birds of prey such as Buzzards and Barn Owls
Afternoon tea was created by the Duchess of Bedford in the late 18th century. She invited friends to join her for an afternoon meal of small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and, of course, tea. The practice was so popular that it was quickly adopted by other social hostesses 

The Burton Constable Whale is featured in Herman Melville's famous novel Moby Dick. 

Today the Burton Constable Whale is nicknamed 'Constable Moby'