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25 September 2020

Halloween at the Hall

Hurray, it's Halloween! It may not be the version we'd all hoped for but we're happy to announce that we will be hosting fun-filled Halloween activities for all of the family from Monday 26th October through to Saturday 31st October. 

Not only have we got some gruesomely great activities lined up for you but throughout the week you can expect extra atmosphere from our creepy characters spooking their way around our grounds. 

We're also encouraging fancy dress and will be awarding prizes to the most weird and wonderful every day at 1:30 pm outside the Stables Kitchen. Make yourself know to a member of staff, if you wish to enter!

Stables Kitchen will also be getting their cauldron out and cooking up some frightfully tasty food for you all to enjoy.  

Don't for get you can buy goodie bags upon arrival (subject to availability) - for sweets, treats and activity sheets. 

As for the activities, please read below and follow the links provided. 

Grimm Tales

We’re welcoming back Gary Star Pantomimes, after their spectacular summer shows of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, live on our lawn! 

This time it’s less fairy-tale and more fright with a live performance of ‘Grimm Tales’ from our Indoor Riding School.

Prepare to be transfixed by the terrifying journey of Brother Grimm into his own daughter’s imagination, meeting mystical and magical characters along the way. 

Expect specialty, big box illusions and a wonderful spooky narrative as this show is sure to delight Halloween audiences of all ages. 

Throughout the day there will also be creepy character walkabouts creating a family friendly frightful atmosphere. There will be photo opportunities but remember to stay socially distanced.


This is an all ticketed event and includes Grounds admission (Pumpkin Trail) and a goodie bag with each child booking (not suitable for under 18 months). The 7pm show does not include Grounds entry. There are discounts available for Friends of Burton Constable members. 

Pumpkin Trail


Will you be able to find all of the pumpkins hiding in and around our Grounds? 


Our expert pumpkin patrol has been busy planting pumpkins in places you would never think to look! 


Make sure you keep your eyes peeled - search high and low but be wary of witches, werewolves or any other horrid Halloween monster lurking around our Grounds, protecting our pumpkins. 


At each pumpkin patch you will uncover a secret letter, you’ll have to collect them all and keep a note of them on your task sheet, in order to spell the name of something spooky. 


If you manage to spell the secret word, you can treat yourself with some of the surprises in your Halloween goodie bag (+£2). 


The Pumpkin Trail is included with a standard Grounds admission ticket. If you are a member (including the likes of Historic Houses) you can access this activity for free. 


Witches Hat Hunt

Hidden around our Hall are a series of witch hats - they were no doubt left behind by the witches after making potions and plotting to frighten our visitors! 

We need your help to find them all. There are 20 to find in total, so take a tour around our huge Hall and search in all of the rooms suggested on your task sheet. Beware of our creepy guides and try not to be spooked by the talk of ghosts and sounds of scary music! 

Once you have found all of the witch’s hats, you can celebrate by opening up your goodie bag and treating yourself to some of the surprises (+£1). 


The Witches Hat Hunt is included with a standard Grounds & Hall admission ticket. If you are a member (including the likes of Historic Houses) you can access this activity for free, along with the Pumpkin Trial & Ghost Stories. 


Ghost Stories

If you’re feeling brave enough, whilst on your tour of the Hall, you can choose to hear some of the frightful tales our guides have to tell. 

When you arrive, make it known that you want to hear all of the Hall’s secret ghost stories and you will be issued with a ghost sticker, so that we know exactly who wants spooking! 

Don't forget to treat yourself to a goodie bag for just £1 at the ticket desk! 

The Ghost Stories are included (should you wish to hear them) with a standard Grounds & Hall admission ticket. If you are a member (including the likes of Historic Houses) you can access this activity for free, along with the Pumpkin Trial & Witches Hat Hunt. 


Just like all of our events and activities since reopening, we have put certain measures and guidelines in place, to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Please, read our 'Welcome Back' article for an overview of all our procedures as well as the details on each event before choosing to visit. 


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