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17 March 2020

COVID-19 Information for Visitors

Naturally, there is an increasing concern about the potential impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus). 

By no means are we experts in this department but we do have a duty of care. That being said, we will be monitoring the situation, taking advice and adhering to the guidelines from medical experts and governing bodies, regarding tourism across the region. 

To better understand the current situation for yourself, it’s worth reading this document of information for the public. Moreover, for the answers to frequently asked questions or how to protect yourself further, you can read this government response

If you plan on visiting Burton Constable Hall & Grounds in the near future, it’s very much business as usual, unless we notify you otherwise. 

We are encouraging you to make use of our low risk, vast open spaces (over 300 acres) as a chance to escape the noise, take on some fresh air and get the heart pumping. The Grounds & Stables will still be accessible for all, alongside Stables Kitchen. The Hall itself is set to re-open on the 4th April, yet the proposed exhibition will be postponed until further notice. 

As for our other upcoming events and activities - they are all being reviewed. We’d ask that you remain patient and keep an eye on our website, social media channels or sign-up to our newsletter for any further updates. 

You can rest assured that all precautionary safety measures are being implemented. We are further educating our staff on prevention, encouraging regular and proper hand washing and cleaning high contact points more frequently throughout the day.

In addition to the above, to ensure our visitors are safeguarded, we are asking that you help combat the spread of infection by:

  • Washing your hands upon arrival, departure and before eating 

  • Try to pay by card or contactless, rather than handling cash

  • Respecting social distancing guidelines

  • Educating yourself further about the virus

Coronavirus is a serious matter for our region and our business, together we must all take guidance and instruction on health matters from the Government whilst being responsible for our own actions and decisions.

If you are showing any signs or symptoms, please postpone your visit to Burton Constable Hall & Grounds. 

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Over 80 different species of birds have been spotted at Burton Constable, from the smallest British bird, the Goldcrest, to large birds of prey such as Buzzards and Barn Owls

The Burton Constable Whale is featured in Herman Melville's famous novel Moby Dick. 

Today the Burton Constable Whale is nicknamed 'Constable Moby'

Afternoon tea was created by the Duchess of Bedford in the late 18th century. She invited friends to join her for an afternoon meal of small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and, of course, tea. The practice was so popular that it was quickly adopted by other social hostesses