14 March 2019

A Resilient and Sustainable Future for Burton Constable

The Burton Constable Foundation secures National Lottery support

The Burton Constable Foundation has received support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to increase its organisation resilience and sustainability. Thanks to National Lottery players, the project aims to secure the future of Burton Constable by reviewing the effectiveness of the organisation, building capacity through adopting new ways of working, testing out ideas, increasing the skills of staff, volunteers and trustees and becoming more financially sustainable.

We believe that Burton Constable has the potential to achieve far more than it does at present. The House and collections are of national importance.  The 18th century 'Cabinet of Curiosities' is the only one to survive in its original country house location and should be known by a much wider audience.

We are looking to create a detailed master plan that clearly identifies what can be done going forward to develop Burton Constable as a visitor destination, based on thorough research and consultation, in order to maximise its resilience and financial sustainability and to provide the robust basis and justification for future funding bids.

We are looking to change attitudes and behaviours and to make sure that our staff, trustees and volunteers have the skills and resources to make better decisions.

We want to bring redundant buildings back into use, maximise income generation potential and secure new sources of funding through commercial and fundraising activities.

Commenting on the award, Robert Sword, Chair of the Trustees of the Burton Constable Foundation   said: “We’re delighted that we’ve received this support thanks to National Lottery players to help secure the future of Burton Constable.  The funding gives us the opportunity to look at how we attract new audiences and develop new income streams to ensure that Burton Constable continues to fulfil the potential that the National Heritage Memorial Fund first realised in 1992 when the house and grounds were saved for the nation.”

Contact Details:

Joy Swift - Visitor Services Manager

T: 01964 508163

E: joyswift@burtonconstable.com

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Did you know?

The Burton Constable Whale is featured in Herman Melville's famous novel Moby Dick. 

Today the Burton Constable Whale is nicknamed 'Constable Moby'

Over 80 different species of birds have been spotted at Burton Constable, from the smallest British bird, the Goldcrest, to large birds of prey such as Buzzards and Barn Owls
Afternoon tea was created by the Duchess of Bedford in the late 18th century. She invited friends to join her for an afternoon meal of small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and, of course, tea. The practice was so popular that it was quickly adopted by other social hostesses 
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